1. batesicNEWS's Avatar
    Not sure whats going on but I would love to avoid restoring again. As brief as possible. I take a photo, it drops to the pic tile at the bottom left of the camera app. I touch the tile and it closes the camera app and opens the camera role. Photo is no where to be found. No black tiles....nothing. The camera roll photo count doesn't reflect that another pic has been added either. None the less the photo still remains in the camera app tile position. Next issue is that when I switch from camera to video record and touch the record button, I get the record sound off but the timer doesn't appear. It will not stop recording until I actually close the camera app all together. Thats when I get the record finished sound off. Go into the camera roll and no sign of the recorded video. The camera app doesn't show any sign of a video either. It still displays the last photo taken in the bottom left tile. Anyone with some insight would be greatly appreciated.
    2010-07-10 10:10 AM