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  1. prelic's Avatar
    If I restart my phone, I get the "initialization done" screen, and the weather starts right up. After a while though, it goes to black screen, I get the spinning wheel at the bottom, but the initialization doesn't finish.

    Also, the slider isn't showing up, any idea why that could be happening?

    On an iPhone 4 with ios 4.0.1
    2010-08-06 04:47 AM
  2. chizzle187's Avatar
    its not compatible with iso4 iphone 4 yet i tried and got the same result
    2010-08-06 05:03 AM
  3. dReAdLoKdEmOn's Avatar
    Is there anyway to get this for the retina display? Looks great on my iPhone 4 but I would love to see a HD version of this. Good work

    It's working perfect on my iPhone 4. I just dl it from cydia under changes. It was today.
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    2010-11-07 03:04 AM