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  1. Captain McFunk's Avatar
    Sorry if this is the wrong section, but.....I installed FCSB on my iPhone 4 and it went into safe mode. Well of course normally you would delete the package and go on a bout your business. well it wont let me delete it through cydia and it won't let me out of safe mode. Anything I can do? Where would the files be in SSH?

    2010-08-13 05:47 PM
  2. dReAdLoKdEmOn's Avatar
    Hey bro, I had the same problem, download rockapp from cydia and go into there and it will force uninstall on FCSB. I should have replied earlier yesterday but it wouldn't let me log in. I hope this helps you bro....afterwards just wait for the updates. It sill all be the same again soon. Just like when 3.0 came out.
    2010-08-14 05:02 AM