1. welch1964's Avatar
    I have a iPhone 4 I installed it after installing it iphone4 goes into safemode it use work on my iPhone 3G no problem the iPhone 4 should shut off when u click on it I got it from cydia sure could use ur help thank you steve welch. Email [email protected]
    2010-08-20 08:40 AM
  2. owais123's Avatar
    download sbsettings. open sbsettings and press more. then hit mobilesubstrate add ons and make sure quick lock is off. reboot and u should be good!
    2010-08-20 09:13 AM
  3. welch1964's Avatar
    Owais on sbsetting is that in cydia in changes or manage not sure I understand problem with quick lock download it goes into safemode on sbsetting can not find mobilesubstrate sure could use ur input. Thank you steve welch.
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    2010-08-24 08:30 PM