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    I was just searching around the web to do with Pirni Pro, when I came across some site called PodZombie reporting that Pirni Pro is going to be updated to V1.1.9 soon. Apparently the update will even include a function to stop all network traffic!

    I thought this was pretty cool so I am sharing the new features with you guys.

    This is what's coming up for Pirni Pro 1.1.9

    * iOS4 Multitasking support - sniff the network in the background
    * Password collector for HTTP - No need for regexes anymore!
    * Ability to halt all network traffic, causing a full stop for
    everyone (just for giggles)
    * Save output from live-feed to file

    Anyways just thought I would share this with you guys. If you wanted to read the full post its here. Here is What’s Coming Up In Pirni Pro 1.1.9! [Update Coming Soon] | PodZombie
    2010-08-23 02:26 AM