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    3GS, 3,1,3, NetFlix + Resupported + Resupported SBSettings Toggle == Fail.

    YouTube works .. other videos work .... but ...

    With NetFlix, the resupported dialogue box "Display on TV / Yes/No" appears on the iPhone when the movie starts and can not be set or dismissed. The dialogue box should not even appear since the toggle is set

    Note: Same problem without the toggle
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    2010-09-01 03:05 AM
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    Anyone figure this one out?

    I've been having the same problem, I bought the most recent version of Resupported and while it works perfectly with most videos it gives trouble with Netflix, the "Display on TV" flashes but I'm unable to click on it, then gets stuck in the background. (this is when I try without TVout2)

    With TVOut2 the question stays long enough to click on it, but it will not display on the TV. Btw, the toggle is not doing its job in these situations, the toggle is supposed to prevent the question from popping up.

    Strangely enough, I had Netflix working with the iapd mod & TVOut2 (except for the eventual crashing, 15-30min in) but Resupported 1.20-1 somehow stops the iapd from making it work, while Resupported 1.0 works fine with the iapd (when I remove the iapd and leave 1.0 it will not work).

    Any ideas how this could be solved? Talked to Phoenix but he doesn't have Netflix or the source code anymore for iOS 3... so that seems like a dead end.
    Is it a problem with the Netflix app? The Resupported Toggle? Resupported itself? Why do we need the "Display on TV" anyway?

    iPhone 2g 3.1.3
    2010-10-16 11:32 PM
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    Unplug ur phone while selecting the movie, plug it in once it syarts
    2011-07-12 11:33 PM