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    I have an IP4 JB'n with jailbreakme running 4.0.1.

    The other day my phone just stopped working - screen black, would not come up. Holding home and sleep would not reset. WHen I plugged into USB cable - apple logo came up and I booted into safe mode. I did a normal restart and all was ok.

    I noticed the last thing that happened is I was the recipient of a group SMS containing a picture (from my daughter).

    Yesterday, the same thing happened. Again, after the phone came back up I saw I had a group SMS picture sitting there.

    With that event in common between the two crashes, I uninstalled quickReply SMS and had my daughter send another group SMS. No crash this time. I re-installed quickReply and tested again - the phone crashed.

    Anyone else seeing this behaviour?
    2010-09-01 01:10 PM