1. samaritas's Avatar
    Hi Folks....

    I have looked all over and can't find this...and maybe I am the only one who is struggling with this....but here goes...

    I have my personal calendar running through Google (google apps actually), and then my work calendar through my work's exchange server -- so two instances of exchange.

    Therefore, the iPhone creates two calendars - work and google, which is fine, but what is becoming a headache is when I have an appointment during the workday that is a personal one, I don't always remember to re-enter it into my work calendar. Ideally it would be nice if Apple had in the "drop down" Calendar X, Calendar Y and ALL Calendars.

    Is there a way to override this somewhere or is there a jailbroken app somewhere that will allow me to do this?

    2010-09-05 03:00 AM