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    I'm not sure if this has been posted already, and there's nothing on Google.

    Basically what I am after is the iOS4.1 Game Center on my iPod (details above). I need something that will work with iFunBox (so no permission stuff). I use iFunBox because I cannot SSH into my device (I have OpenSSH installed, and I've tried multiple software like WinSCP etc). Unless you guys know of any software that uses a USB connection and can change file permissions?

    Either way, I'll need the GameCenter.app file or whatever it is. The stuff I found on Google and Cydia is just the Gold Master beta version, which is useless to me.
    If there are legal issues, PM me the links etc instead.

    Please don't bombard this thread with software suggestions that use SSH, or with orders to upgrade to 4.1. As far as I know, 4.1 cannot be jailbroken on my MC device. Even if it could, I had enough trouble upgrading to 4.0.
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    2010-09-30 08:45 PM
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    Not posable. Gamecenter uses some APIs in 4.1 that are not in 4.0.x
    2010-10-01 01:56 AM
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    Well that's nice isn't it?
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    2010-10-07 05:59 PM
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    Use diskaid it cost $25.00 but you get 15 day trial and is the best ssh out.
    2010-10-07 06:36 PM
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    I said that SSH will not work for me.
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    2010-10-07 09:11 PM
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    No way around it, if you want gamecenter you will have to go to 4.1. There was a repo that you could get the beta version from on cydia (dont remember which one) but even when installed it didnt function, all it let you do was register a gamecenter name.

    oh and diskaid is not a SSH program, it is a usb file explorer just like ifunbox so not much help to you
    2010-10-07 09:29 PM