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  1. Pqrerc's Avatar
    when i swipe SBSetting it opens the camera first, then all the options appears for SBSetting. After closing SBSetting i would have to close camera as well, not sure what is causing this prob.

    Thanks for your help.
    2010-10-06 10:17 PM
  2. z3r01's Avatar
    That's not setting and then go to activator and see what you have setup for might just be sbsettings and camera app, thanks button in advance
    2010-10-06 10:20 PM
  3. Pqrerc's Avatar
    Found the prob it is fastsnap is having option to set swipe to activate camera just swithed off working fine now.
    2010-10-07 12:08 AM
  4. emfung's Avatar
    I was having the same issue, and yes, it was due to fastnap's "Cam on Status Drag" enabled.

    Thanks Pqrerc..
    2010-10-14 11:25 AM
  5. jeeepeee's Avatar
    Thanks for the answer, I love forums like this for this specific reason. You think you've gone mad but hey, someone knows a solution. Thanks again.
    2010-10-23 09:35 PM
  6. orangeinsider's Avatar
    mine wont change the keep show up the default theme..anyone can help?
    2010-11-24 07:36 PM