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    Ok I give up and am going to give the gurus a whack at this n help me out. I typically like to figure things out on my own but before I pull my hair out.... Lol

    What I want to know is: is it at all possible to tether my iPhone 4's WIFI Internet connection (NOT cell data) via Bluetooth, to a mac?

    I have a "hackintosh" laptop. The wireless card built into it doesn't work on the os x side. I have a USB bluetooh that I plug into the laptop and if I use "tetherme" from Cydia, it connects fine with no problems both through USB and Bluetooth. Problem is tetherme ONLY uses cellular data.

    I've used pdanet and it works good through USB to share my wifi connection, but for ease of use I was hoping Bluetooth...

    My reason for this is because at the moment I don't want to plop down the cash for a compatible wireless card for both Mac AND windows side on my laptop, PLUS for the most part I mAinly need wifi on the windows side, where the card works. So I was hoping to do it via my question, whenever I need it for the Mac side.

    When I try to connect to the Bluetooth on the mac, however, I get two different errors:

    "no PAN/BNEP(NAP) service found on remote device"


    "failed to connect to Bluetooth SDP server on remote device:timeout."

    Any ideas? :-/ funny it connects via Bluetooth with PAN through native Bluetooth tethering, but again, that uses cell data, and I don't want that.

    In case u haven't caught on by now I basically want to use the iPhone 4's wifi Like wifi for the Mac, but wirelessly. Any help on this would be great guys, thanks.

    Nothin? Maybe I'm using the wrong app? Maybe what I want can't be done via Bluetooth?

    I did happen to mess around a bit more last night and enabled a certain setting (forgot which at the moment) and was able to get it to connect but it came up with another error saying something along the lines of "couldn't retrieve dhcp ip, using built in ip configuration" but I still couldnt connect
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