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    I'm hoping I'm in the correct part of the forum for this... I'm running a 3GS with 4.2.1. I have Winterboard and the Glasklart icons installed. I'm trying to get a hold of DockFlow and to use the Glasklart DockFlow icon theme. Problem is... I see lots of themes, but I can't seem to find DockFlow itself anywhere. I did a bunch of research last night and saw threads all over Google mentioning that ispazio isn't updated for ios4; others mentioning new repo address(es) for ispazio. I managed to get ispaziorepository.com added, though with a few errors. I can search into the repo and see quite a few items, but still no DockFlow. Before I search further or waste anytime... is this a ispazio issue? Do I just need to be patient and let them update their repo? Or is DockFlow not available due to it perhaps not working with IOS 4.2.x? And, I guess related, anyone have a working repo for ispazio? Or if DockFlow will work with IOS 4.2.x, anyone know an alternate place where I can get it from a repo (or download the .deb file)?
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    2010-12-01 04:43 PM
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    DockFlow isn't an app, it's just icon files to make your dock look like CoverFlow.
    So those themes you're finding.. Those are exactly what you're looking for.

    The Glasklart DockFlow is one of these themes.

    If you want to customize your DockFlow setup, there is a Photoshop template over at MacThemes.
    Though it is undocumented currently.

    Perhaps if you make a request in that thread for a custom set of DockFlow icons, someone would make it for you.
    2010-12-02 02:46 AM
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    Ah... that makes a lot of sense. Guess I can scrap the ispazio repo entries that are generating errors then.

    I saw the pics that appeared to show the icons zooming (presumably as you moved your finger over them). I guess I was confused. There's quite a few like this:

    Dockflow image by markjones1968 on Photobucket

    For the unknowing... I expected an icon theme, but thought there was a DockFlow app that handled zooming as you touched them with your finger.

    Curious... anyone know if you're still required to have the five specific icons in the specific order (Safari, SMS, Phone, Mail and iPod). I know that was an early limitation. I'm wondering if it still is...
    2010-12-02 02:51 AM
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