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    Since I stay away from the built in app for videos and want more options on file formats, I've tried AVPlayer, VLC and Movie Player.

    I was frustrated that all three use different "Documents" folders and I couldn't just keep all my videos to watch using whatever app I want. So, I found an easy way to share them together and upload to the same folder.

    AVPlayer likes to have a "real" Documents folder so I left it as is, then installed VLC and Media Player. Note DO NOT open these programs until you delete some folders and create symlinks.

    You can use SBSettings, under "More", then "App Folders" to learn the real name your apps are in. I'm sure there are many other ways too.

    go to VLC's folder and delete the Documents folder. Create a symlink to AVPlayer's Documents folder:
    ln -s -T ./Documents /private/var/mobile/Applications/AVPlayer(lookup real name)/Documents

    Repeat the same for movie player.

    Create a symlink from your "home" folder to AVPlayer's folder to easily copy/delete movies/videos.
    ln -s -T /User/Media/Movies /private/var/mobile/Applications/AVPlayer(lookup real name)/Documents

    Now I can watch any video from any of the three app with the same videos.

    Now that I've found that this works, I'd like to extend it to categories of apps where I have multiple programs that might open .doc/.html/.xls/.pdf/.txt/etc.

    I think it is kinda sad that every program has separate folders for *their* documents.

    Has anyone else messed with symlinks to make common Documents folders? This could make it alot easier to email/bluetooth/Wi-Fi files to other computers and devices.

    2011-02-08 01:32 PM