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    I have found only on this forum. And I have tried to install it with DiskAid but no luck. This app enters and exists. The one I originaly had (from which I've made the backup freezes at the shutter screen).

    Can anyone please upload the native stock Application folder for 3.1.3 or at least the for this version.

    I don't want to restore the whole phone.

    Thanks in advance

    L.E. If I didn't post this thread right please excuse me and please guide me to the appropriate thread. This seemed the closest thread to my problem.

    L.L.E. Nevermind... I managed to decrypt a 3.1.3 firmware for iphone 3G and I have replaced the content and the folder and the camera still freezes. Don't know what the problem could be but I think only a complete restore will solve it.
    The bottom line is that I don't need the folder anymore I will probably try the 3.1.2 version to see if it is any difference.

    L.L.L.E. From what information I gathered from the net I begin to wonder if it is not a technical problem. (I have found few others with the same behavior of the shutter freeze screen and some even replaced the camera module.
    I will get my phone to a repair shop (it is not in warranty anymore of course) to get it check.

    Admins can close this thread now from my point of view.
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