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    I have this problem also. Tried barrel 2 and doesn't work. I believe my issue is related to using perpagehtml for the theme LiveOS. Non of the transisions work for me. The only thing that IS effected is the " LiveOS" banner in the spotlight and the black banner behind the icons on the homescreen only, non of the icons move note the backdrop on the other pages. Been trying to find a solution. I think maybe with perpagehtml+ it might work as you can creat a info.plist file that contains info on the locations of the widgets and such, but I don't know enough about this stuff to know for sure, and how dont see how that would effect the regular icons that arent being effected by barrel either. I don't feel like paying for the plus unless I know that is infact the problem.
    2011-05-21 10:25 AM
  2. Petrit H's Avatar
    Working fine on my Ip4.
    2011-05-21 11:05 AM
  3. WarrenWorthington's Avatar
    Where are you guys seeing Barrel 2? I'm searching for it and it turns up no results.
    2011-05-23 09:24 AM
  4. Morilibus's Avatar
    Where are you guys seeing Barrel 2? I'm searching for it and it turns up no results.
    not in standard repos. I googled "barrel 2 repo" and found one that has it.

    available from repo insanelyi Repository - insanelyi

    however this did not solve the problem for me, and barrel 2 is not done by the same guy, so wondering if someone just took the original and messed with it.

    mine didn't work with barrel 2, I may try perpagehtml+ to see if that makes a difference

    Working fine on my Ip4.
    could you elaborate perhaps on what other cydia apps you have? As it also worked fine on my 3gs UNTIL I installed a custom theme that required some other apps to be installed, such as perpagehtml.
    2011-05-24 04:04 AM
  5. WarrenWorthington's Avatar
    Barrel 2 also did not work for me, same behavior.
    2011-05-24 05:02 AM
  6. jetsr6's Avatar
    I removed perpagehtml+ and that solved my problem on 4.3.2
    2011-05-30 04:03 PM
  7. WarrenWorthington's Avatar
    Is that an app from cydia or something that's on the phone natively? I can't say I've heard of it.

    Edit: Googled it, I don't have that installed, but it does make me wonder if it has something to do with themes. Only one I'm really using would be Sublime Lockscreen. I'd hate to have to give that up. :/

    Edit 2: I uninstalled Poof, resprung and still had the problem. Reinstalled Poof and turned on all the apps that were being hidden and problem solved, Barrel is now working as it should.

    I guess I'll just have to put all those apps I was hiding into their own folder instead of hiding them.

    Edit 3: SOLVED (For real this time!) It was working fine until my wallpaper changed. Uninstalled Boss Paper and it's working correctly, even with Poof hiding apps. Boss Paper is the problem.
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    2011-05-30 04:16 PM
  8. WarrenWorthington's Avatar
    Just an update for everyone, I managed to fix the problem I had with barrel by removing bosspaper and then reinstalling bosspaper again. So far it's been 3 or 4 days with no problems and barrel has worked like a charm.
    2011-06-08 01:45 AM
  9. loi0iol's Avatar
    i am having same problem, but i dont think its cydia or other apps.

    i reinstalled 4.3.3 for barrel cuz i thought my os was ****** up, i clicked set up as new phone after the restore, barrel was working fine with all cydia apps include winterboard.
    after i installed none-cydia apps, barrel is having the problem again. skip page like theres no tomorrow


    i think it has to do with how many apps you put in a page or how many folders you have in the same page.
    but not sure tho just my thought.
    2011-07-11 03:05 AM
  10. Old Atari Nut's Avatar
    I had the same problem for quite some time, i have ALL KINDS of tweeks/ apps/ ect... so i could not even begin to think what was the last few things i added, but i just started with deleting PerPage HTML and that was it, first thing i tryed and barrel is working fine again for me!
    2011-08-25 01:46 PM
  11. !Kernel Panic!'s Avatar
    Barrel works with vWallpaper2 which also allows for interactive widgets. The same widgets that work in perpagehtml and pph+ will work also.
    2011-08-26 04:08 PM
  12. angel89's Avatar
    I have problem! (of course most of us) I know it's about barrel know my version is 4.3.5 now my problem is that after uninstalling the Barrel Tweak, after restarting SpringBoard the animations are still there!
    2011-09-28 12:55 AM
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