1. AshleeGo's Avatar
    How many megapixels on the new ipad 2 cameras?
    The new ipad 2 has two cameras. How many megapixels on each? Apple does not have this information on the tech specs. Anyone know?

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    2011-05-24 11:36 AM
  2. z3r01's Avatar
    Not as much as u might need for pro photography....but not bad...it's enough mega pixels....in fa f, the average person doesn't need to know how many mega pixels a device has unless he/she is doing some serious editing, which in at case wouldn't worry about the pixels on an iPad too and be more concerned with his DSLR pixels.
    Long story short, why would you care sooo about the mega pixels on an iPad 2 if your not gonna take serious pics with it? And if u are, go get a digital camera.
    Just know that it's less then the iPhone 4
    2011-05-24 01:24 PM