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    I've been using the Books app for ages...installing tomes mostly through the "ebooks by Chris" source on Installer. Great, simple little app and never had a problem.

    Yesterday, I finished the book I'd been reading so I went back to Installer and tried to install a few more but they're not showing up in Books' book list. They DO show up on Installer's uninstall screen, however. Previously-installed books still available in the app and new ones installed from the "eBooks" category are also shown and available to read - it's just books taken from the "eBooks by Chris" category that must, I assume, be getting placed in a new location.

    How can I get those books where will start recognizing them again?

    I've also noticed now that new iPhysics level packs aren't showing up in THAT app. WTF?

    Firmware 1.1.1, by the by...
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    2008-03-21 01:03 AM
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    Nobody? I'd desperately love some help as oftentimes ebooks are instrumental in maintaining my sanity...
    2008-03-30 11:07 AM
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    im having the same problem. i think its because the books app looks in /private/var/root/media/eBooks but downloads are now going to /private/var/MOBILE/media/ebooks. you can move them by SSH but i dont know how to create the symlink to get it to look there automatically. if someone knows id appreciate it.
    2008-04-09 09:35 AM