1. TTGator's Avatar
    Just got my second text from AT&T today saying they detected tethering on my account and they are adding the tethering plan AND removing my unlimited data plan! WTF.

    First text I got a couple months ago and called and said I didn't tether, and they said they would remove the flag. This time I call and there is nothing they can do. I talked to a manager and got an "extension" (i.e. one more chance), but if it's detected again, same thing. The crappy thing is that I actually HAVEN'T tethered in about a month because I finally ponied up for internet/wifi at home (from AT&T none the less... bastages).

    So it seems like I can't use MyWi at all anymore. Anyone else? I heard that PDANet or whatever the MyWi competitor is has a way to "hide" the fact that you're tethering. I haven't seen any talk of this from MyWi at all. Anyone have problems from AT&T (or not) with PDANet?
    2011-08-04 09:44 PM
  2. sziklassy's Avatar
    If you didn't tether, there is nothing for them to detect, so I am not sure I follow.
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    2011-08-05 02:09 AM
  3. phatcamaro's Avatar
    I've been testing pdanet on my moms iPhone so as not to risk my unlimted. I haven't done it enough to know for sure, but am skeptical the hide feature really works. It's one of those things where I'm not a programmer so I just have to take the developers word for it that it actually hides it.

    I also haven't heard anyone talk about if pdanet hides it either. I do know as far as perfomance it works just as well as mywi.
    2011-08-05 02:48 AM
  4. TTGator's Avatar
    If you didn't tether, there is nothing for them to detect, so I am not sure I follow.
    Well they claimed to detect something. She even went into some apps in the app store cause tethering to be flagged, but backed off and played dumb when I pressed saying that if that's true, they better never flag me again because it causes me to waste 30 min of my time each time I have to call in.
    2011-08-05 04:31 AM
  5. Silverado1987's Avatar
    I think that is total ********.
    2011-09-11 05:09 AM