1. Kevrhof's Avatar
    So my situation is that I use my personal number and my GV number on my iphone. I want a easier way to handle texting through it.

    When I get a new GV text, I do not want it to say "Google Voice" then the text on the badge.

    I have the GV SMS Extension, it does what I want however I have to turn it on and off to manage GV texts and personal texts. I do not think there is a app that allows both personal and GV texts in the standard sms app and distinguish between which number to use automatically by the contact.
    2011-09-04 07:20 PM
  2. juan_carlos__007's Avatar
    Use the original google voice app, but just for the text messages or you will get charged the minutes on your carrier.
    2011-09-29 10:47 AM