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    I dont think I had more than a couple pics in the album, so I'm not worried about losing data, but I really want to delete the album. Buuuut, it won't let me since it's password protected. And of course, I can't remember the password haha. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but it remembered that album, so it didn't go away. Is there a way to get around this without restoring the device, and would that even do it? Any suggestions? Thanks!

    Mods, if this is the wrong forum I apologize.

    Or do I just update to iOS 5? If I read correctly, this is now built into the stock Photo app??
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    using iFile from cydia, navigate to: var/mobile/media/PhotoData
    Open up Photos.sqlite and select the text editor
    scroll or search until you see the name of the album then find the password right beside %Password%
    2011-10-13 05:06 PM
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    Forgive me if some of this info is irrelevant, but I'm wanting to be as detailed as possible. I purchased PA+ a couple of years ago for my iPhone 4, enjoyed the program. Once I got an iPhone 4S, I installed PA+ onto it as well...made private albums and albums with passwords. I decided to restore the 4S to 6.0 when it was released, and then restored from backup...therefore losing my jailbreak obviously. Of course no jailbreak was available for the 4S for the time being, and my iOS 6 backup files contained no jailbreak tweaks or anything. When I got my iPhone 5 last year, I restored from backup of my iPhone 4S.

    Now that the jailbreak for iPhone 5 is available, I of course jailbroke my phone running iOS 6.1, and installed PA+ I began to organize the photos on my phone. I attempted to create a password protected album, and it was moved to the "Private Albums." The "Private" tab appeared, I tapped it and I'm asked to input the password...I never created a password. I left it blank and tapped "Open" and received the wrong password error. I checked the Settings Pane, and both the "Private Albums list Pwd" and "Per Album Passwords" are ON. I've turned them off, went back to Photos app, and I'm having the same issue and I'm having no such luck with any random password I typed. I then proceeded to go back to the Settings and turned the before mentioned options back to ON...still the same issue with the "Private" tab. So I Googled how to reset/locate the password and have seen the directions you listed above on a couple of sites. I've searched for my individual album password in the Photos.splite file, as well as deleting that file and letting my album structure be redone. Also, I've navigated to the com.apple.mobileslideshow.plist inside Preferences to locate the private albums password, scrolled to the bottom and within the "usePrivateAlbumListPassword" string, it says "true."

    I'm not sure if any PA+ data (password/s) from my iPhone 4S (pre-iOS 6) was still in the backup and carried over to my iPhone 5, therefore causing issues. Or if I was giving a new slate and just messed up somewhere after installing PA+ onto my iPhone 5...if this is the case, wouldn't my private password be located in the mobileslideshow.plist? Or even deleting the Photos.sqlite have "fixed" the issue?

    I only moved a few photos into the password-protected albums, I'm not worried about them, rather I am hoping to "reset" and be able to access albums I want to attach a password to in the future. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hey, if you have forgotten your password for your private folder on PhotoAlbums+ for iOS 7 then ive found a way which does work:
    > First download iFile from Cydia then navigate to
    > Next go to 'com.apple.mobileslideshow.plist'
    > Next go down until you see the below line and you will find YOUR password where i have typed PASSWORD:

    I hope this helps people! it has took me hours to suss this but I can assure you it does work!
    2014-06-15 08:51 PM
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    Thanks BiggDave! The developer for PA+ messaged me last year on how to fix it...I died laughing when I saw that my password was "haha"...it truly was funny. You way is pretty exact to what he told me if I remember correctly, but we both know how that memory goes. Haha! I don't currently have PA+ on my iPhone, but if I do and I forget the password for it on iOS 7, then I'll definitely try your steps. Thanks again!
    2014-07-03 09:38 PM