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    Forgive me if this is the wrong forum, frankly I find the forums here confusing, and hard to work out which where to put posts. For instance: This forum is in the "3rd party" category, yet the forum is marked as "Native" apps. There doesn't appear to be a forum for 3rd party apps in the 3rd party category. Confusing!


    Iphone 4. 4.3.3. Latest version of Infiniboard.

    Problem is I can not get icons to stay where I put them on the lower "2nd" screen. Even if the upper screen is full, when I drag icons to the lower screen they move themselves up to the upper one, and push an icon from the upper screen to the lower.

    I hope that makes sense. Any solution welcome!


    After hours of trying to sort this, as soon as I post here the solution pops into my head!

    It was LSRotator causing the issue.
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