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    U.S. 12, Apple started a worldwide recall of some of the battery overheating first generation iPod nano music players, and offer free replacement for the relevant services.

    Apple announced on its official web site technical support advised that the company found that in rare cases, the first generation iPod nano battery can overheat and pose a security risk, the affected iPod nano in September 2005 to December 2006 between sold.

    Apple said the battery source of the problem for a battery supplier, the production of battery manufacturing defects. Although the possibility of accidents is very low, but this possibility will increase with the aging of the battery.

    Apple recommends suspension of the first generation iPod nano users to use the product, to have Apple-authorized resellers, Apple's retail stores or Apple's official website, enter the player on the back of the product serial number to determine whether they are being recalled sequence. Apple promises to consumers, will receive a recall of products in the company six weeks to get a replacement product.

    iPod nano battery overheating problems are not new topics. In 2008, METI received more than 60 times in the iPod nano battery overheating issues report after an investigation of Apple, in some extreme cases, the product or even spontaneous combustion, causing the user minor burns. Last August, a passenger's iPod nano spontaneous combustion, resulting in a Japanese rush hour trains in an emergency outage.
    2011-11-14 09:36 AM