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    iMessage is set up properly on my phone, but every time I try to send a message it tries to send a text message! I have my sisters information and it is accurate, I have checked her phone and confirmed that iMessage is set up properly on her phone. But when I try to send her a message it won't send it as an iMessage and I get an error because I have no cell signal at my home. I tried to send myself a message from her phone using my telephone number but it tried to send that as a text message as the whole "default to iMessage then sends as text if iMessage can't be sent" thing crap or is something wrong with our phones? We both have the 3GS and everything is set up properly. I am running 5.0.1 with the tethered JB and she has iOS5 not JB, while I can't send myself a message from her phone either I don't want to jump to conclusions and assume that the problem with my phone isn't related to the JB or something? Is this a common problem?

    I just removed the e-mail she uses as an apple ID from her contact info and tried to input it manually, and it tried to send a text to her e-mail address even tho i have the SMS option disabled in the settings for the Message app.
    2011-11-22 05:56 AM