1. crashspeeder's Avatar
    I recently activated my iPhone (about 10 days ago) and even more recently Jailbroke it (about 3 days ago). I installed SummerBoard 3.2 and Caterpillar for looks. For function I installed Term-vt100, MobileFinder, Capture, Apollo, BSD Subsystem, Services and OpenSSH.

    My favorite apps out of all those are SummerBoard because of the themes (I tried customize but wasn't a fan because it wouldn't mess with the dock like it was supposed to) and Caterpillar's Facelift because of the 5 icon ability in the dock. Services allows me to toggle Bluetooth, WiFi, Edge, and SSH on the fly. No navigating through the Preferences menu.

    What are your favorites and why? What apps added the most value to your iphone in your opinion (mms capability etc.) or made it the most fun?

    I figured I'd ask this so I can get ideas for other apps and as a jumping off point for anybody else who may want to know what you find most useful.
    2008-03-22 12:47 AM