1. altoiddealer's Avatar
    I don't want anything to happen when I swipe from the top of the screen.

    Is there a tweak that makes this possible? I did some searching and couldn't find anything.

    I tried using Activator, changing the gesture to "do nothing" but that doesn't stop the notification center gesture.

    2012-01-13 09:08 PM
  2. altoiddealer's Avatar
    Anyone? Come on, the Notification Center swipe-in gesture is so annoying!!!

    There must be a tweak or an app or something that allows it to be disabled!
    2012-01-17 08:51 PM
  3. Tesep's Avatar
    Install Quickdo from Cydia

    It has an option to disable the gesture, so you can use other gestures or none at all

    Springtomizer also works but it disables NC completely so you can't access NC at all, not sure if this is a bug though because it also disables all swipe gestures too

    Hope that helps
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    2012-01-31 08:49 PM
  4. altoiddealer's Avatar
    Definitely does help! Thanks!

    I figured out how to disable using Springtomize, though, but I think I'll go with your suggestion so I can at least open it with another gesture
    2012-01-31 09:24 PM