1. Synthezoid2's Avatar
    Over the last week or two many of my photos have suddenly become lo-res. They look jagged and blurry, as if they have been blown up from thumbnails. These used to be normal high-res photos taken with the back camera.

    The only camera app I have installed is photoalbums+ and I haven't used it. Today I didn't use any photo apps at all, but when I open to the album to look, pictures that I saw were fine yesterday had been de-rezzed today. This happens to screenshots, images saved off of several different web browsers, and regular photos. I can't find anybody else with this problem online. Has anybody ever seen this before? What could be causing this? My photos are getting destroyed!

    I don't have iCloud or any other apps or services syncing my photos or doing anything to them in the background. It's like they're destroying themselves!
    2012-02-02 07:06 AM
  2. markfultonncl's Avatar
    Think I know what you mean.. I noticed this after creating an album and copying photos from Photostream to the new album folder. The iPhone automatically copied them to the camera roll as well as to the new album - when I checked the photos in the new album they were OK, but the copied photos in the camera roll were pixelated like you say. I just deleted the ones in the camera roll and kept the photos in the albums.

    If you connect your iphone to the PC/Mac do the photos look OK?
    If they're good it might be worth moving them off the phone, clearing the camera roll / albums and put them back on. Sounds like a bug with photoalbums+
    2012-02-03 07:00 PM