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    I'll keep this short and to the point:


    * IPP stands for "iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Product Package"
    * You can easily create an IPP using your PC/Mac with a GUI which will guide you through the process - no command line programs or skills required!
    * Easily distributable; through your own site, server or host on a file sharing site!
    * One-tap installations and removal
    * Pictures, descriptions and info, FAQ and everything about the product is kept within the IPP file!
    * Securely protected contents using a proprietary data type, your data is safe within the IPP
    * Distribute the way you want to

    When can I use this?
    Say you just created an awesome theme - or maybe even a great app - that you'd want to share with the whole world. Normally, you'd have Cydia in mind as your publishing spot - but have you realised that there are literally over hundreds of thousands of apps and themes?! How will your target user specifically find your product?

    So what do you do? You want to be able to let everybody know all about your product and you want all your users to be able to view a comprehensive amount of detail and media about your product, not just some simple info text with literally hundreds of obtrusive advertising as you'd see in Cydia and you want your product information to be available for offline viewing in case they are on an iPod touch or a Wi-Fi-only iPad.

    Enter IPP. IPP allows you to host your own themes, apps, hacks, modifications and tweaks the way you want it. Think: the way distribution is right now through both Windows and Mac, browse the web, click a link and downloads and installations start.

    "Why IPP" you say? IPPs will allow you to jam all your screenshots, videos, info, data, FAQ, videos and (obviously) your product - whether it be a theme, an app or whatever - into a very handy, easy-to-package, easy-to-distribute, easy-to-install, secure package where YOU control how you want your theme, app or tweak to be setup.

    When & how will this happen?
    I honestly can't say BUT it is in the works. Instead of wasting your precious time using "dpkg" constantly to package and install, remove and update your product, you can simply create an IPP and distribute it through the ways you'd like.

    Any limitations?
    * You'd need to have some way of notifying the user of updates of your product as the "IPP Setup App" will NOT in any way resemble Cydia, it is just a Setup App which allows the user to view information, screenshots, videos etc. about your IPP and then allows the user to continue to install your product.

    If you would like to beta test, please post down below and provide one of your projects (must be finished or at-least ready for prime time) so I can consider you as an official tester. I'd also like some suggestions as to what a user & a developer would want.

    2012-02-12 10:11 AM