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    We've fixed many Iphones, and have put every step of our repairs into these guides. These step by step guide will have you using your favourite App. in no time at all.

    Our guides has illustrated photos of an Iphone repair. Follow along and confirm your work with the pictures in the books . Iphone repairs has never been so easy.

    Because we have repaired many Iphones using the techniques found in these Repair Guides, this eBook will show guaranteed methods of fixing your Iphone. These methods have been used successfully numerous times by regular people just like you.

    Why send your Iphone out to be fixed and pay $150 dollars or more when you can download this eBook right now and have it working again?

    You many just want to change the casing or front face because of scratches , your Iphone falls and the screen cracks, or the wifi stop working . Many different problems are resloved in these guides .

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    2012-02-20 01:49 PM
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    Thanks for your guide. It is so useful to me.
    I can't stop laughing!
    2012-03-28 05:07 AM