1. buggsy2's Avatar
    Hope this is a good sub-forum to ask this.

    I would like to turn one of the iPhone 4's buttons--preferably the ring/silent button--to toggle pause/play when the iPhone's iPod (music) app is active. I tried looking in both the App Store and jailbreak apps but couldn't find anything.

    The reason is, I like to listen to audiobooks while working in my garage shop. Some activities, such as using a drill or belt sander, are noisy and I'd like to easily pause the play, then resume it. Now, I have to take my work gloves off, pull the iPhone out of my shirt pocket, open the lockscreen, and tap the pause button on the screen. If the ring/silent button could do this it would be much easier.
    2012-02-27 07:05 AM
  2. keenpois0n's Avatar
    had a look at activator? you could just set that on lock screen, every double toggle (mute unmute) of the silent switch for it to play/pause music
    2012-02-27 02:39 PM
  3. buggsy2's Avatar
    Great...just what I wanted, thanks for the tip.
    2012-02-27 05:26 PM
  4. keenpois0n's Avatar
    2012-02-27 10:24 PM