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    Hello everyone!
    I'm in desperate need of help - I want a tweak that offers good lock screen music controls without bugs. I have already tried:

    LSAlwaysShowMediaControls - I don't want them to be always showing - just when playing music!
    LSMusicGestures - when you have a missed call notification the lock screen sliders become unresponsive and glitchy
    MusicControls Pro - slows down the whole music app
    Pressing home button two times - I hate to do this every time.. I even prefer unlocking my phone
    Activator - it would be great if I could swipe across the lock screen clock instead of just double tapping. The swipe in gestures from the beggining of the screen are too demanding for me - I'm usually walking when I need this feature and they don't activate if you don't start it perfectly from the end of the screen.

    Something like the default music controls showing when playing music without the need to double tap or LSMusicGestures without the bug would be perfect!

    I'm really missing this feature, if anyone can help I would be really greatful. I'm open to all kinds of alternatives (if you've found fixes for the tweaks I've already tried).
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    2012-05-13 01:19 PM
  2. DC_Dave's Avatar
    Hi, i use SuperMusic and Activator toggle double tap lockscreen clock for pause/play
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    Thank you for your suggestion but this won't work for me. I just want the lockscreen forward/backward/play/pause controls without having to double tap. I.e. something like this

    OR LSMusicGestures would be perfect - but I don't want a whole Dreamboard theme for the music controls and LSMusicGestures bugs the lock screen notifications for some reason :/
    2012-05-24 10:18 AM
  4. DC_Dave's Avatar
    If you are walking, activator lockscreen controls work
    Vol+ for fwd
    Vol- for Back
    Both together for play/pause
    Or use the apple headphone lead controls

    Also try this...
    Install SuperMusic then
    Activator settings - at LockScreen - double tap clock - iPod controls
    Seems to do what you want

    Now double tapping the lock screen clock brings up your controls.
    This works with or without SuperMusic installed and saves double pressing the home button, but you could always use a different activator action to bring it up.

    This one brings the iPod controls up straight away from the sleep button just by unlocking with the sleep button and pressing it for a little longer...
    Activator settings - at lockscreen - sleep button - short hold - iPod controls
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  5. fatmono's Avatar
    Like I said - this wasn't quite the solution I was looking for. I managed it with QuickDo which does bring me a ton of unnesecary features but is the only working solution I found..
    2012-05-26 11:12 AM
  6. Lokiii's Avatar
    I ha ve the same problem as you...
    In fact I have a widget on my lockscreen for date/time/weather.
    But when music is playing, the widget disappear, so I always have to double tap home button to know the time...
    Pretty boring...
    So QuickDO can help me ?
    2012-07-04 05:24 PM
  7. butler007's Avatar
    Snowcover is the best for this - swipe right/left to change track and up/down to change volume. Also displays your album art and can be themed to suit any device
    Hit 'thanks' if I helped, email [email protected] with questions, requests, and compliments
    2012-07-11 01:40 AM