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    Hi Guys,

    I am curious, as Apple will not be bringing Siri to any older generations of products; if there are any safe cydia alternatives?

    I did here of SARA, but that still may log information and I am not looking for any apps that will log personal phone information. I also did here of a certificate as: siriport.ru/siriport_ru_original.pem but I am unsure of how safe that is.

    I am not a developer and I can only keep myself updated with my time allowing, so that is why I am coming to this community to hear your knowledge and if I missed any releases.

    Any information I would sincerely appreciate it!

    2012-06-15 05:07 AM
  2. DC_Dave's Avatar
    Hi, I use Spire 1.0.1-1 on my iPhone 4 on iOS5.0.1 if you are on iOS5.1 you will have to use Ac!d (not tired this one yet) stay away from Spite, it crashed my phone and needed a restore.
    Once you have installed Spire you have two options.
    If you have a friend with an iPhone 4S, you can use Assistant Connect to receive the 4S's Siri access info and then use Apple's own Siri servers by entering the Spire proxy address
    This second method uses a Google alternative, in this case you have to enter the Spire proxy address
    https://siri.wordjelly.com:4443 and then install the WordJelly SiriServer Profile which you can find on their secure website with instructions at https://www.wordjelly.com
    2012-06-15 06:08 PM
  3. Herrs24's Avatar
    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the response. I have heard of Spire and understand how it works. However, can you tell me if the Word Jelly servers are safe? Will it be taking any personal information from my phone? If you could answer that for me, I would appreciate it.

    Cheers and thanks,
    2012-06-15 07:59 PM
  4. DC_Dave's Avatar
    I would guess not, they seem quite honest. They don't spring a hidden fee like others do and anyway you can't be sure what Google is doing with your info either.
    2012-06-15 11:00 PM
  5. GADeputy's Avatar
    i4Siri works great. And it's simple to get working. i4Siri Install | i4Siri
    iPhone 5 16GB
    Firmware 6.1
    Jailbroken with evasi0n

    iPad 3 16GB
    Firmware 6.1
    Jailbroken with evasi0n
    2012-06-24 07:22 PM