1. J_Quinn's Avatar
    Hi want to connect to and control my iPhone 3G (on 4.2.1) using my computer.

    - My iPhone 3G is Jailbroken
    - I installed Veency, Veency is "enabled" under settings
    - I downloaded RealVNC viewer
    - I entered the IP address listed on the iPhone's WiFi screen

    It simply refuses to connect! I get no pop-up request on the phone. WHY? What am I missing? All the blogs make it sound so easy.

    Other info:

    - Both my Laptop and iPhone are on the same WiFi network. Is this absolutely necessary?
    - The iPhone has no active service, only wifi
    - Do I need OpenSSH?
    - Is this happening because the iPhone 3G does not allow "multi-tasking"

    Thank you for the help, all the other threads I've searched seem to deal with other problems that come after one is already able to connect
    2012-07-17 02:52 AM
  2. 93killmasta's Avatar
    no need for ssh if your laptop and iphone are on the same ip it should work try going to settings on iphone and put in a password it helped me with the black screen worst case scenario you might need to port forward
    2013-05-13 05:50 PM
  3. lotsOdata's Avatar
    It's probably something really simple that was overlooked. If you don't specify a password in Settings -> Veency, then it should show a prompt on the iPhone. Make sure to use a password to rule out a prompting error. Be sure you are trying to connect to port 5900. And when first testing it, test it with your iPhone awake and it's screen on.

    The devices do not need to be on the same subnet. When they are not however, you need to ensure there are open ports. A way to get around opening ports on networks you have no control over, is using autossh to make reverse tunnels for what ever services you want to connect to. I use autossh to have my iPhones log into restrictive shells on my router, and even in the restrictive shell they correctly set up the localhost ports I can then contact them on.

    Openssh is great for doing anything you would do in terminal. In order to use autossh, you would need openssh installed, although you can keep the ssh daemon disabled if you just want it for veency.

    Veency is a daemon process that does not run as a child of springboard. Only children of springboard have backgrounding issues.

    Lastly, if you are running low on memory, the iPhone might kill some processes. So on older iPhones, you might want to limit the jailbreak tweaks that take up memory. The oldest iPhone I use, is a 3GS on 5.1.1, and it works great with Veency. In windows I use TightVNC.
    2013-05-13 09:14 PM