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    iOS 6.x Jailbreak is coming soon,Interface Customization is the first reason of the jailbreak, And Theming and fonting is an important part of Interface Customization , apple fans certainly very concerned about how to find favorite fonts or themes, do not worry, let's know about iThemeSky App.

    Theming and fonting your jailbroken iOS device is certainly possible, but it's never been remarkably straightforward or simple for most of people. iThemeSky App is a fabulous free Cydia app that brings easy theming and fonting to your jailbroken iOS devices.

    iThemeSky App is reminiscent of the iTunes App Store in a lot of ways, except you only use it to download and apply winterboard/dreamboard themes(over 3000). Most of themes are free and some are paid. Themes go beyond just changing your dock and your homescreen icons, but go so far as changing interface elements as well. Also you can one click setting theme's weather location with iThemeSky App .

    In addition to the themes,iThemeSky App also offers over 500 personalized fonts for your choice, can be downloaded directly apply font directly in iThemeSky App, while supporting one key to restore the font to the initial state, so do not worry worry-free.
    So what, and quickly download it.

    You can download iThemeSky App from Cydia( ) .

    It requires a jailbroken iOS device to run, but once you've jailbroken and installed it you can customize to your heart's themes and fonts.
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    I'm not sure that I get the full purpose of this. It claims all these customizations, but isn't very specific about it. Does it work with winterboard or does it replace it. A screen shot or 2 might be nice.

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    2013-02-03 08:05 AM
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    Support iOS6 & iPhone5 Now!!!
    2013-02-06 04:43 PM