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    Hi guys
    Im new here so go easy lol
    My dilemma is as follows.
    My kids are constantly on my iPhone and i have a couple of mates who always send me raunchy mms messages.
    I certainly don't want my kids to open my messages app and see stuff they shouldn't.
    I need a app that can redirect the messages into either a locked area or into a hidden folder.
    SMSNinja would be ideal but i have a iPhone 5 with 6.1 jailbroken on it.
    Ive read the lengthy instructions on iblacklist but that doesnt do what im after.
    Any suggestions?
    My wife is in the same boat as me as her girlfriends sometimes send her pics of guys etc lol so she would appreciate it as well.
    2013-02-07 02:26 PM