1. kasek's Avatar
    Hey so I'm having a problem with lockinfo 5 the filter bar doesn't show up under the weather info, also I have the square with a circle in it. Apparently that is from unread notifications but I don't have any. Any help with either of the problems is appreciated thanks

    Edit: so also I can't swipe left on the notifications as well
    2013-02-16 10:58 PM
  2. jiggadhu's Avatar
    I bought lockinfo 5 but it completely crashed my phone. Had to do a hard shut down. Tried to restart but went into a bootloop. Had to hard shutdown again, and manually go into safe mode (power on while holding the volume up button). Removed Lockinfo from Cydia and had to power off and reboot to get all of my other tweaks back and working again. Does anyone have a list of tweaks that aren't compatible?
    2013-02-19 01:45 AM