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    Help Diagnose? Auto-Recurring Resprings Continue, force Reboot result in Contacts AddressBook lost blank gone!


    - Auto recurring Resprings
    - Happens in the 2 following scenarios:
    - Powerdown + Start
    - Respring

    When it happens, there is never enough time to do much.
    Even trying to get it to Powerdown using the Slide to Poweroff does not work.

    The only way to stop it/ fix it is hard Power Off/ Reboot by Holding both Power & Home button.

    - Once in boots back into a non-recurring respring it seems stable

    If I power down + reboot/ respring there is no guarantee that it will come out stable or go back into it.


    The first time I saw this happening, I lost all my contacts! My entire addressbook.

    HELP -
    1 - I'd like to SERIOUSLY.. prevent that from happening again.
    2 - If there is way to Recover my AddressBook (I do have a 34 day old synched backup in iTunes) that'd be great
    3 - Find and learn a way diagnose this issue and trace such issues on the iOS devices - Some tools/ logs/ crash & error logs/ methods & ways etc. ? Especially since I've done so on Desktop OSes - I figure there has to be a way, especially for the CYDIA type apps - I am guessing these developers have to do it as they push Apples iOS OS and API boundaries.


    This weird thing happened:

    - I was at a cafe working on something and since my iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1b + Jailbreak was working a little slow I did a RESPRING.
    - The damn thing kept on respringing and would not stop
    i.e. I'd get the slide to open screen and once I'd slide it in a short time it would respring
    - All attempts to shut it down etc or REBOOT failed

    Then I remembered the way to hard boot using both Buttons (Home + Power) - Now when it came back up it was without SBSettings etc. - Safe Mode?

    - I did a respring in hopes of having the SBSettings etc back and it it went back into respring loop
    - Another hard reboot and I have it running

    - Now when I open my Phone | Contacts they are all gone!

    - The messages, Favorites, Recent calls with the numbers are all there - But the corresponding NAMES to those numbers are gone.


    So next thing I did a Manual Backup - From the AddressBook folder using iFunbox
    AddressBook.sqlitedb [4 KB]
    AddressBook.sqlitedb-wal [262 KB]
    AddressBookImages.sqlitedb [38,352 KB]
    AddressBookImages.sqlitedb-wal [3868 KB]
    PS: But this AddressBook DB is SMALL - Possibly the empty one - Where can I find the other locations where my "PREVIOUS" BIG ADDRESS BOOK with all CONTACTS might be sitting? Some kind of INTERNAL BACKUP on the iPhone?

    So in such a desperate space I tried to use similar tools -
    - DiskAid - After a long wait, opened the Messages A
    - After selecting CONTACTS it another long wait - It showed all the contacts - Damn! I was happy.. But when I did an export of ALL CONTACTS from DiskAid it crashed at some point.

    So, apparently it was on the phone somewhere? Where?

    How do I FIND and get that SQL DB copy for RESTORING my Contacts and AddressBook ??

    Thoughts and ideas?

    Hi Folks, got it working. My Adressbook is back !

    How did I got it working? Just use ifunbox and search for the adressbook sql database. There are 2 or 3 different locations. just copy your copy to all locations and reboot. Works for me like a charm. The other ways didnt work so far !

    This fellow seems to have had a similar issue but was able to recover them. After a long search on iFunBox I think I found the locations.


    Other Facilities that people suggest for Contacts/ AddressBook:
    iCloud - I dont really use it - i.e. The only thing enabled on my iCloud account is "FindMyIphone"

    iTunes Backup - I use this regularly but my last Backup is 34 days old and I'd like try and get back the AddressBook SQL DB before trying a Sync/ Restore from the iTunes Backup. (PS: If/ when I do go there, what steps should I take to sync)
    2013-04-09 09:05 PM