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    I have a 4S on 5.0.1, my problem is that about 6 months or so ago, my mail.app stopped working entirely, a Restore is out because the signing window has long been closed. Upgrading to 6 does not interest me at all as more then a few tweaks I use haven't been updated to work with 6 and above. I am very familiar with computers, iDevices, jailbreaking and the such so it's nothing new to me. That being said, let me explain how I got the mail.app working again (mostly). I have 4 accounts on the phone, of which 3 I can receive mail, one that I can't get into. The way I did that was by finding the stock Mail.app in .deb format and "reinstalled" it. So far* so good, or so I thought. Now when i go into the Mail.app settings I can see my Hotmail, Gmail, and my wife's Calendar, however both of my Yahoo accounts are gone (again, I can got and send mail from the mail.app on one of those account). If I hit "Add Account" it crashes back to the home screen. Also there is no notification sounds when I do receive email.
    Any help from someone smart than I would be greatly appeciated.

    2013-04-24 02:46 AM
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    It's a shame that you didn't go to 5.1.1 when you had the chance, then you could restore to that firmware. Also missed the chance to fix it by going to 6.1.2, but I understand that it wasn't worth it. Not quite sure how you got a mail app deb file, but my guess is that it either was not for your exact firmware and/or it was not 100% complete. I'm gonna go with the not complete option. Prior to installing that deb, I would have tried a reset all settings to see if that would have put you back, but I'm not sure that will help at this point.

    Going to 6.1.3 will solve your problem, but sadly you would lose your jailbreak.

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    2013-04-24 06:18 AM