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    I have dev team jb 1.1.3
    i installed capture, and other photo oriented apps ive installed are - showtime and wallpaper and camera pro and sketches and apple screen shot enabler

    wallpaper worked, capture worked. i was able to save photos to my photo library, and wallpaper library

    then suddenly i look at my photo library and i realize all photos are gone except a screenshot i took.
    i launch camera and take a picture, but the picture shows up as a white blank screen, as if no picture was taken but a square where picture should be is still there

    so i uninstalled screenshot enabler, wallpaper, showtime, and capture. but nothing works still

    i dont want to restore the phone then jb again, can anyone help

    much appreciated
    Leopard, Windows XP Pro Essential, Linux all on my mac
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    2008-03-23 10:42 PM