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    Since intelliborn customer service doesn't exist I thought I ask here for help regarding ISX 6 on my iPhone 5.

    I'm not sure what happened, but I've been using it since it was released years ago and until recently I was satisfied with it.

    The main issues I have are that the Top Shelf feature stopped working entirely. Anything put in a top shelf isn't hidden anymore and that's that.

    Quick Settings and its toggles order doesn't work either. All toggles, even those disabled are shown in QS in ISX in a random order.

    I have biteSMS (latest) installed and the 'reply' button takes me either to messages+ or instead of biteSMS QuickReply popup window.
    The quick compose/reply option is set to biteSMS, but every time I enter ISX settings Apple Messages is visible and then when I go in, biteSMS is selected. WTF?

    I've tried uninstalling ISX, biteSMS and anything related, I've tried removing all their trails from within iFile, rebooting, nothing helps.

    Any idea what else I could try before restoring the device?

    Also does anyone have any idea how I can get my money back from them? Probably impossible…

    Thanks in advance!
    2013-06-11 12:52 AM