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    [ apologies if this is the wrong forum to post... i cant figure out where this ought to go ? ]

    i have a jailbroken iphone5, iOS 6.1. have BiteSMS and RingerX installed, and i have one (and only one) friend whose text messages are muted to be silent and also not display any notification when she texts.

    when i see her in my BiteSMS list of texts, i see the RingerX notification for silent. when i go to her contact, the RingerX settings are just like everyone elses, with no modification.


    any idea what gives, and how to fix this?

    side note: this is a friend i am presently partying in vegas with, so its making life exceptionally complicated to not have any text notifications from her. in good news, the ringer part isnt muted, so she can still call me.

    some additional bits:

    - i tried reinstalling RingerX; no change to muted text behavior.
    - i tried Enabling and Un-Enabling RingerX for this contact; no change to muted text behavior, either way.
    - i tried deleting my friends contact; the unrecognized phone number in BiteSMS still shows with muted symbol with no change to muted text behavior.

    what in the heck?


    found the issue. it was BiteSMS!

    "no ring" symbol next to contact? - biteSMS
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