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  1. rolexconfuse's Avatar
    I've shifted through tons of camera apps on the app store and whatever was available in Cydia. The thing that is striking to me is that there are no camera apps that allow you to set the shutter speed. I can imagine that that if it was an offical app perhaps apple may block it from seeing the light of day but what about a Cydia app? So I can only ask, is it that hard to make a camera app that allows you to control, exposure, shutter speed, focus and etc on the iphone? if i knew how to program I would take a stab at it but I don't.
    2013-10-07 08:40 PM
  2. Wyman's Avatar
    I think there is already such an app, although not sure whether available in Cydia. It was something called Cam Pro or FX Camera pro.
    2013-11-20 01:12 PM