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    A cool new app DocuPic

    ★★★ Introducing DocuPic ★★★

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    “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Have you ever wanted to use a picture to communicate, document or track information? Or maybe you just want to quickly share a great idea or concept using a picture? With DocuPic you can easily snap a photo and make simple notes right on the picture and share it with your boss, team members, client, friend or even with family.

    DocuPic is a camera utility app that allows you to quickly document your photo with useful “tags”. Tags consists of time and date stamp, GPS location, sequential numbering of photos, adding simple notes with the ability to change font size and color, and options to highlight important areas of your photo using “arrows” or “circles” right from your iPhone.
    Useful in various field work. A great tool for IT, research, design, construction, investigations, inspections, insurance, hobbies and much more. Once your picture is saved you can use the native features in iPhone to share it via email, SMS or even download it using the iCloud.
    DocuPic makes documenting pictures for anyone quick and easy!

    Basic features/tags:
    -GPS Tag, coordinates based on current location
    -Time and Date tag
    -Sequential numbering tag
    -Highlight tag – using arrows and circles, can be rotated and resized
    -Note tag – short text or notes with options to change font size and color

    Tags can all be turned off or turned on individually as needed.

    Link to iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/docu...674985659?mt=8
    Requirements: iOS 5.0 or Later.
    Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch only.
    I recommend you to download this useful and awesome app.
    2013-12-14 10:37 PM