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    A cool new app CFC
    ★★★ Introducing CFC ★★★

    How would you like to use an app which allows you to call any number without a bother about who is using that number and from where? Yes, you heard me right. IXC Global Inc. introduced CallsFreeCalls which is a fantastic messenger cum free SMS online service which works through Voice over the Internet Protocol.
    This app allows you Free Application calling. Just install this, register and make your first free international phone call or a text message for free. No more searching for free SMS applications or messenger apps, because CFC provides it all to you. It is an all in one tool, perfectly designed for the tech savvy of this era.
    Are you tired of exceeding your texting limits and making extra payments to your operator? Well, donít worry anymore, because CFC is here to rescue you from it. CFC helps you to keep in touch with anyone around the globe, by texts and calls for absolutely free. This wonderful application is developed for iOS, which is the most popular smartphone platform that is iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.
    No payment and yet phone calls and SMS to anyone and anywhere around the world. This app utilizes the latest achievement that is the WiFi technology, making sure you are online all the time and be on the go everywhere. Even the lowest quality is still enough to stay in touch or call someone without any payments.
    Wonder how this works? It is simple. Before every call the sponsors would have placed an advertisement of their service, and all you got to do is watch it to receive bonus points, which you can spend for phone calls and texts.You can even earn more points by downloading useful apps which are provided by the sponsors.
    Registration is quick and easy. All the users will get unlimited free text messages to communicate. And each new user gets 30 bonus points at the start as service check. This number will help you place many calls to any number worldwide. But to keep getting this service, you need to gain more bonuses.
    It is very easy to earn this as well. You can either view advertisements or download the games or apps from them. Or, if you have no time for advertisements then you can simply buy this bonus for the network service at a pretty low price.
    So what are you waiting for? Download this wonderful app now and enjoy texting and calling for free anywhere anytime.

    Link to iTunes: http://cfc.io/ios-calls-sms

    Requirements: iOS 5.0 or Later.
    Available for iPhone and iPad only.
    I recommend you to download this useful, free and awesome app.
    2014-01-31 05:41 PM