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    I recently upgraded to 7.1.1 from 6.1. On 6.1 i used BossPaper for random images in the home screen. SpringPaper was one of the reasons(and of course a working jailbreak) that i upgraded to 7.1.1. I really want to have random changing images on my home screen.

    For the last month, even before upgrading, i had some questions and suggestions to the developer of SpringPaper, but i never got a answer to my emails. And now i cant buy SpringPaper in Cydia because it is not supported on 7.1.1.

    Does anyone know of a good alternative to SpringPaper? It looked very promising, but without a developer it isn't of any use to me.

    I know about SBHTML, but i dont think i can have a unlimited amount of images? Only really useful for a few random images. Or am i wrong?
    2014-06-26 09:45 AM
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    I hate do admit it, but i found a deb and installed it. But I want to say it is only because i cant buy it in Cydia. As soon as there is support for 7.1.1 i will buy it. BUT! the bugs are too many so they need to be fixed first. In that way i'm happy that i didn't buy it already because this app is far from done.

    I could only hope that the developer find this thread and fixes the bugs(since he don't replay to emails), and also some new features is almost required.

    1. SpringPaper overrides every tweak i found that enables transparent open/closed folders. I want them to be transparent, but it is not possible with SpringPaper enabled.
    2. When active i want the icons and dock to disappear. But if SpringPaper activates with a folder open, the dock is not hidden.
    3. If moving between two pages, never lifting your finger, the pictures never changes. But as soon as you lift the finger and stay on a page, SpringPaper kicks in and changes picture and hides icons/dock. The SpringPaper timer shouldn't count down when moving through pages.
    4. When moving icons,wiggle mode, SpringPaper still activates and hides all folders/icons. Very hard to find the right place to move your icon.
    5. Random mode is very poor. Almost like it is not working at all. Looking at the images for a few minute i see the same image several times, even though i have many images. And it is almost always some of the 10-20 first images in the folder. And it always starts on the same 2-3 pictures when the phone is started.

    Features "required" =)
    1. Be able to select several folders, or at least be able to select one and SpringPaper recurse through sub folders. Now all files need to be in one folder. Every OS i programmed for had functions to recurse through sub folders.
    2. A folder selector would be nice. Having to write the path is not nice. A simple selector shouldn't be hard to implement.
    3. Why could many files cause instability? Saving a file list with hundred/thousands of images shouldn't take that much space. Then select one image, load it, remove from list, display it, repeat until list empty and start over.

    Don't know if the bugs is because it isn't "certified" for iOS7.1.1 or if they existed before. But if they are fixed i would be the first one to buy it. And if the features are added i would even consider to donate some more money to the developer.

    This app has potential, don't let it die already. And please help me to avoid piracy.
    2014-06-26 07:16 PM
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    Addition to the previous post. When you open a folder and have a lot if pages in the folder and you need to look around for the app you want to start. SpringPaper kicks in and closes the folder. I have SpringPaper set to 5 seconds, which is fins for changing images, but not enough time to only have 5 seconds before the folder closes. Timer should not count down when the user navigates the phone. Fine, change image, but don't hide the icons/folders.

    I hope the developer looks at this thread.
    2014-06-29 07:29 PM
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    Have anyone tried SpringPaper with iOS8?
    2014-11-03 07:50 PM
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    Have anyone tried SpringPaper with iOS8?
    Keep fighting!

    Paperboard you might like but it's not what your looking for.
    Dev updated it to iOS 8, ignore screenshots..

    You could try and post on reedit?
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    2014-11-05 12:17 AM
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    SpringPaper works(including all bugs;-)) with iOS8.
    2014-11-16 12:51 PM
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    SpringPaper works(including all bugs;-)) with iOS8.
    How can I get my images from being too big on the 6 plus? I've tried everything but they're zoomed in
    2014-12-02 02:15 AM
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    Time to wake this thread to life again.

    SpringPaper worked until 8.1, don't work on 8.3, and I don't think 8.4 will help. Phone goes to safe mode when I try to open a folder. Other than that pictures are displayed. But don't want to give up my folders. Would be really messy with all icons on a lot of pages.

    So, a year ago I tried to contact the author of SpringPaper. Said then that there was a lot of other things happening so he didn't have the time to release a new version, but that he planned to. And said that SpringPaper wasn't abandoned. But a year later, without any new version during that time, I emailed again, but still no answer. So I guess we could say that SpringPaper is abandoned now and probably wont work on iOS 8.3-8.4. (but I hope I'm wrong)

    I really like the concept of SpringPaper (and also used BossPaper before that) so now I wonder again if there is a app that rotates picture from a given folder? And would be nice if also icons and dock is hidden, like SpringPaper does. But just rotating pictures would be a good start.
    2015-07-01 12:25 PM
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    Its sad, I liked that tweak and bought it, there is circle wallpaper tweak that changes all pics from camera roll periodically.

    Sent from my iPhone 6
    2015-07-01 06:04 PM
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    Yeah, I've heard of that tweak. But I would really like to upload pictures to a folder and use that. Dont want every old picture in the camera roll.

    Too bad that a developer takes money and then abandon the software. There should be a blacklist of developers on Cydia. Probably not the first or last developer to do that.
    If you abandon the app you should at least be decent enough to release the code as Open Source so that someone else could continue. It was a nice app.
    2015-07-01 10:08 PM
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    Does anyone know if SpringPaper works on iOS9? Never did the upgrade, but if it will be jailbreakable again I might.
    2015-11-21 11:16 AM
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    Dont work on 8.3, no update for ios 9xx yet, still miss this tweak.SpringPaper alternative?

    Sent from my iPhone 6
    2015-11-22 10:57 AM
  13. raptorjr's Avatar
    Dont work on 8.3, no update for ios 9xx yet, still miss this tweak.SpringPaper alternative?

    Sent from my iPhone 6
    It does work on 8.3 and 8.4, but you need the deb and install it manually. Was thinking that maybe someone tried that on 9.x.
    2015-11-22 09:25 PM