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  1. warlord213's Avatar
    Randomly deleted StumbleUpon app after not using for a while. It said it was only taking up 38.9mb but then I had 2.3gbs more free space after deleting it. The weirdest part is that audio is were the 2.3gbs seems to be freed up from. FYI I have an iPhone 5 16gb.

    Mainly I just wanted to post this because I've never seen anything like this before and I been using an iPhone since the original came out.
    2015-05-02 04:52 AM
  2. emilliondollars's Avatar
    Maybe it saved pics on your camera roll and after you delete the app it deletes the pictures too?

    I have iFunny and it saves pics on my camera roll under its own album. Idk if after I delete it they will go away.

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    2015-11-17 10:50 PM