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    From time to time we are going with friends to play poker. Sometimes in our company there are new people who have never played, but want to learn. And we spent a lot of time to explain all the rules, constantly suggest which combinations are scored and what this new player has and what he has odds and betting options, which makes the game uninteresting. All these questions have prompted us to create an application that would help new players to start to play on their own as quickly as possible. During the discussion, we have also come to the conclusion that for beginners it is important not only to see what his combination, but also be able to assess the probability of winning against a player with random cards (more sophisticated possibilities to win against the range or against multiple players are not very necessary), and to assess the chances of strengthening your hand. And for additional read there are the rules, card combinations and why do we need bets in poker and what rates do better.
    In addition, we have come to the conclusion that poker timers we used is not very convenient because show too much information that is not required during the game, and the right information is often too small. But the main thing - to control such app we need to take a smartphone in hand and carefully watch what and how to do. That is extremely uncomfortable during the game. Therefore, we have added to the application minimalistic poker timer which is controlled by several touches almost without looking.

    PokerNoob in AppStore

    Poker for noobs application helps poker beginners-poker-help-en.png
    2016-01-27 02:39 PM
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    New version 1.1 is in the AppStore
    What's new in this version:
    - Poker Timer UI improvements
    - minor bugs fixes
    2016-02-09 11:48 AM