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    From time to time we need to remember the place where we are now to come back to. This can be done using any map application, or specific programs. But we discover that most people do not enjoy this, because just can not remember how to do it in an environment where they are in a hurry or have a rest in the nature or just thinking about their own affairs. In this regard, we decided to write a program whose main task will be a very easy way to remember and then to find the current place. To the right place can be distinguished from other places, we have added the ability to take a photo, or add a photo from the gallery. If the photo is not necessary, then app stores map image from the screen of your smartphone.
    For easy use in the planning, you can pre-set a point on the map where you want to come and then choose to move toward it. There is also the possibility to open the stored point in the mapping application, or send it to another user via messenger. You can also use the program as a regular compass.

    Thus the Direct-me app is designed for storing your current location (your coordinates), and indicate the direction to it, and the distance to it, so that you could return.
    It is useful to remember any place where you want to go back, for a walk with the children, in the supermarket, in the town, in the forest, fishing, hunting.

    Direct-me in AppStore

    Direct-me - shows direction to the stored place-direct-help-en.png
    2016-01-28 11:43 AM
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    New version 1.1 is in the AppStore
    What's new in this version:
    - UI improvements, add Photo View mode
    - minor bugs fixes
    2016-02-16 11:48 AM