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    We just launched a Social Networking App called ALW and would love to hear some feedback.

    ALW is a social networking app that lets you to experience time difference between your contacts ,view weather highlights of your ALW contacts currently in,express your state of mind by simply choosing emojis , know the availabilty of contacts,prioritize your responses to whom you matters most.
    In this App you can also select & share up to 4 out of 6 available distinct Cards.They are,
    HELP- whether you want to ask for help from your contacts.
    TIP- you want to tip them about anything you deem useful.
    NBT- share your NBT (next big thing) event or milestone in your life.
    Hooked on- let them know what is keeping you busy through a Hooked On card.
    My zone - you also have ability to innovate by posting a My Zone card.
    Photo collage - finally Create your own Photo Collage.
    To know more details check our website
    2017-02-08 10:31 AM