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    Some of you may remember the app Glyph Keyboard I published last year on the App Store. The app allowed you to type characters (pictographs other than emoji) that you couldn't with any of the stock keyboards. In case your memory needs refreshing, here is the review our writer at the time published: Hands on with 'Glyph Keyboard' for iOS developed by our very own, Zokunei
    Today I published the source code on GitHub as free software under the GPL3+ license. I'm posting about it here because fellow coders/modders might find it of value, and also because I would like to get confirmation that the version published here is compilable, since I do not currently have an installation of macOS to test it with. But the code is almost unchanged from the last version released on the App Store and built with the iOS 10 GM SDK, and the app is independent of any third-party libraries, so I don't expect compiling it to be a monumental challenge. GitHub - Zokunei/Glyph-Keyboard: iOS keyboard extension for non-lingual, non-emoji characters
    I hope the community finds it to be useful/interesting!
    2017-12-03 03:14 AM