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    Does anyone know where I can find a source address to download the NES program on my iphone? I cant download it through the installer on my iphone and it would be a big help. Please email me at [email protected] if you can find one. thanks!

    2008-03-26 05:58 PM
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    You need to use SSH to get the games on your iPhone.

    1. Get "Winscp"..this is a sftp client
    2 Get the iphone apps pack (go google it or something or search it up this forum)
    3. you must have a jailbreaked ipod


    1. Install Winscp

    2. Unrar ur iphone apps pack onto somewhere you remember
    3. Open up winscp (a small window should pop up askin you to fill in host name, user and password)
    4. For host name enter your IP address. To find this connect ur ipod to a wireless internet. Go to settings>wifi> and the blue arrow beside your connection name. You will find your IP address there.
    5. Under Username you type "root"
    6. Under Password you type "alpine"
    7. Your port should be "22"
    8. Once you inputed all this info, click "LOGIN" a smaller window should pop up sayin searching connection, then connecting (something like that) then really fast it opens up a new window. This new window should have 2 sides. 1 on the left and 1 on the right
    note: if it says connection failure try restarting your ipod and try again. you might need to try this step a couple times but you will eventually get it)
    9. The screen on the right is your IPOD
    10. The screen on the left is your computer
    11. On the left (your pc) find your iphone apps pack and open it, you should now see 2 folders called "System" and "Application"
    12. Now go to your right screen (your IPOD) and find the folder "Application" I dont remeber the path for it so just keep searching
    13. Now on your left screen open up application and drag all the applications into your right screen and click copy.
    14. Once finished, go to your left screen (your computer) and go bak out and this time open the "system" folder
    15. On your right screen (your ipod) open up your system folder as well
    16. Put all the folders in the proper place from the right screen into the left one.
    17. Now almost everything is done.
    18. Now we are going to change the permissions.
    19. On your right side of the screen (your ipod) open up the Application folders
    20. Then find all the applications you JUST put in (the iphone apps only the iphone apps)
    21. This is the long part
    22. Open up one application folder (example maps.app) and select all. then deselect the top folder (not the folder that has three dots after it (...) the one under that)
    23. Once you have selected it right click it and select properties.
    24. The properties window should come up and you should see the word octal and a number beside it (0644) or something like that.
    25. Change that number to "0755"
    26. Once done open the folder you deselected in step 22.
    27. In that folder select everything and right click it and go to properties
    28 again change the octal to 0755

    29. Do steps 22-28 with all the iphone apps you just put in your ipod (some of them you might not need to do like the calculator which is already done for you)
    30. Once finished all of them you are done!!! Enjoy

    Troubleshooting/Problems/COmmon Questions

    Q-When i try to open the applications on my ipod it crashes.
    A- This probably means you didn't change the octal/ permision to 0755

    Q-Why doesnt the maps app or weather or stocks apps work?
    A- These apps require a wireless connection.

    Then you google iPhone ROMSs and transfer them over.
    2008-03-26 06:01 PM
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    Yes, i am aware of that method, but I need the NES app first. Plus, i tried doing that and it wont ever connect to my phone and im doing everything right....

    I'm on a mac by the way

    it keeps saying that it refused connection and im entering everything in correctly
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    2008-03-26 06:11 PM
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    i think it's part of community sources. the official site is here. when in doubt, manually install it.
    2008-03-26 06:14 PM
    everytime i start my rom it goes back to home page why?
    2008-11-24 02:45 AM
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    have you already updated to 2.2? the update i got through cydia friday night would cause it to crash and return to the home page. after the update and jailbreak to 2.2 yesterday, it seems to be working fine. i think they just jumped the gun on issuing the update
    2008-11-24 08:34 AM